Fitness Longevity at Artisan Hill

Artisan Hill has partnered with renowned fitness expert, Sam Iannetta, from Boulder, CO, to bring his Fitness Longevity® concept to our gym. With more than 60,000 hours of one-on-one personal training experience and 4,000 hours of teaching, he is among the most experienced personal trainers in America. He has spent the last 30+ years perfecting the craft of helping clients gain and maintain improved health through his patented concepts in Fitness Longevity. Sam has helped to design a beautiful, functional gym here, and does ongoing work training our local trainers in his Functional Fitness practices. 

Sam Iannetta Fitness Longevity at Artisan Hill

All tenants of Artisan Hill Apartment Community and Schoolhouse at Artisan Hill get FREE memberships to our Fitness Longevity gym, the 75’ heated Lap Pool, and the poolside Cardio Fitness Center!

Personal Training

Sam’s on-site personal trainers are now booking appointments. Whether you need just a session or two to learn how to effectively use the equipment in the gym, or would like extended guidance to help you meet your fitness goals, overcome a physical challenge, or help with an injury, these trainers can help. 


One-on-One training:

$30/half hour; $50/hour; $75/90 minutes

(Offer good through June 15, 2020. Regular rates for One-on-One training are: $40/half hour; $65/hour; $90/90 minutes)

Couples training (two people):

$45/half hour; $75/hour; $112/90 minutes

(Offer good through June 15, 2020. Regular rates for Couples training are: $60/half hour; $97/hour; $135/90 minutes)

Current clients of Fitness Longevity trainers are NOT required to purchase a separate membership to our gym! All Artisan Hill residents get free gym memberships.

Fitness Longevity Kaila Stevens

Kaila Stevens, NSCA CPT, became interested in health and wellness while living in South America, when she discovered that frequent activity and a balanced diet helped with panic attacks. After working in Quito, Ecuador as a Hip-Hop Dance Instructor, she returned to the U.S. and worked as a Rehabilitation Technician/Spanish Interpreter. Seeing how exercise positively affected the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of the patients ignited her interest in the health and fitness field. She is intrigued by different aspects of the world of fitness such as competition training, running, biking, pilates, and calisthenics. In 2012, she earned her Personal Trainers license through N.S.C.A. as well as certifications in Pilates Mat and TRX Level 1. Kaila is currently accepting new clients for individual or group appointments.

To book training with Kaila, call her at 804-300-9309

Fitness Longevity JP Patterson

John Paul “JP” Patterson, PTA, ACSM CPT, is a career health and wellness professional with more than six years clinical experience as a Virginia Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and more than 20 years experience as a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, with current certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. His training philosophy, which led to his work with Sam Iannetta’s Fitness Longevity, is: 1) Safety first; 2) Knowledge empowers; and 3) Commitment equals results. Wellness is his passion. JP has a Bachelor’s degree in Eastern Philosophy from The University of Colorado in Boulder. He specializes in outpatient physical therapy, fitness training, gentle yoga and meditation. JP is currently accepting new clients for individual or group appointments.

To book training with JP, call him at 703-853-9255